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Accessing Pension Early

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Thinking about accessing your pension early for more financial control and comfort? Thousands of people up and down the UK are receiving a tax-free lump sum with no credit check or upfront charges thanks to Cash Pension.

We are one of the UK’s most trusted authorities when it comes to accessing your pension. Our expert team follows a fully regulated process for greater reassurance and complete peace of mind.

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Accessing pension early – What you need to know

New pension rules introduced by the government in April 2015 mean it’s easier than ever before to access your pension early. Most people over 50 with a UK pension plan are eligible for this tax-free lump sum.

Pension release for those under 55 is possible but it could come with a large tax bill. However, if you’re facing financial hardship because of illness, pension release might not come with any tax charges or fees.

In the first quarter after these changes came into place, the FCA revealed that 178,990 pensions were cashed in early. This was a clear indication that changes to the law were welcomed by many.

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Accessing pension early - Reasons to consider it

  • More control of your savings – After accessing your pension, you’ll be able to take an active role in controlling your money long before retirement.
  • Cash for anything you want – No matter whether you want a round-the-world holiday or start-up costs for a new business, pension cash can be used for anything.
  • Pay off your mortgage or outstanding debts – Paying off high-interest loans such as your mortgage can be done sooner rather than later with an early pension.
  • Give financial support to family or friends – Put your pension fund to good use by helping loved ones.
  • Cover the cost of everyday living – Give yourself a helping hand by unlocking your pension for everyday expenses.
  • Make a better investment – There are a number of investments that will deliver a better rate of return than your pension.

Accessing your pension early means more cash in your bank account and greater financial freedom. But for all the aforementioned advantages, you must also consider that you’ll have less money to enjoy in retirement, so always think carefully about whether it’s the right choice for you.

Accessing pension early – What you need to know

Accessing your pension is a safe and secure way to receive your hard earned money before you enter retirement. However, that hasn’t stopped some organisations scamming people out of their savings.

Despite the fact this has tarnished our industry’s reputation, you can put your faith in Cash Pension to provide impartial advice and tailor-made assistance on how to access your pension early.

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