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How many employers have you had a pension scheme with? Do you know what happened to your hard-earned money? Speak to Cash Pension today and we could help you cash in your company pension.

If you no longer work for an employer that contributed to your pension, you could well be entitled to cash before retiring. Otherwise it will be sit dormant doing nothing for many years to come.

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What is a company pension?

A company pension plan is an employee benefit that provides income after retirement, often based on the employee’s length of service to the company and their salary history.

But what if you leave your employer before retirement? What happens to the money you contributed to the scheme while working?

Most of the time, it turns into a frozen pension. As the name suggests, these funds cannot be accessed until you retire. But because of recent changes to the law, it is possible to cash in a company pension.

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How can you cash in company pension schemes?

If you leave your job but still want to cash in the pension, there are a few options available:

  • Transfer your current pension to another pension provider.
  • Start pension contributions by transferring your group pension (personal or private).
  • Stop paying cash into your current employer or job pension (this could affect future cash savings).
  • Speak to your old employer before you leave your job to find out what options are available.
  • Receive a free consultation from Cash Pension about releasing your company pension today.

Why should you consider cashing in your company pension?

There are multiple reasons why people choose to cash in their company pensions from an old employer, which include:

  • More control over financial situation – If your previous or current employer can’t contribute to a frozen pension, why not take control of it now rather than in retirement?
  • Paying bills and clearing debts – Company pensions can provide much-needed funds to make your life more comfortable.
  • Covering the cost of everyday living because of less income – If you’re out of work or now earn less, a company pension is sure to come in handy when you need it most.
  • Buying luxury items such as a holiday or car – Treat yourself with a tax-free lump sum you might have forgotten about.
  • Giving financial support to family or friends – Put your company pension to good use by helping loved ones.

Cash in company pension – How to go about it

Cashing in your company pension is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. That’s why it helps to speak to an independent financial consultant, such as Cash Pension.

We’ll walk you through this fully regulated process to help you make the most informed choice possible – call 0207 1128635 or email