Pension Before Retirement

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  • Pay off bills and debts or buy a holiday or car
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Back in April 2015, the UK government introduced new legislation that allowed people to access their pension before retirement. This greater financial freedom is something Cash Pension has helped numerous customers realise.

No matter whether it’s for paying off high-interest debts, reinvesting the money elsewhere or simply a way to make ends meet, there are a variety of reasons why accessing your pension before retirement makes perfect sense.

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Pension before retirement – what is involved?

Accessing your pension before retirement is perfect if you want to receive a quick and easy money injection from tied up funds. What’s more, it’s a totally legal and legitimate process that Cash Pension can help you with.

Even so, there are potential tax implications, especially if you are looking to release some or all of your pension before the age of 55. It all depends on your pension plan, which we’ll be able to discuss with you in detail.

You should also be aware that ever since the so-called pension freedom rules were introduced, a number of unscrupulous traders have attempted to rip-off innocent members of the public. That’s why you should only deal with experienced and trustworthy experts such as Cash Pension.

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Pension before retirement - what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages of accessing your pension before retirement are extensive and include:

  • Financial control – Take control of your retirement nest egg by making better use of the money you worked hard for.
  • Flexible lump sum – In most cases, you are entitled to release as much or as little as you want.
  • Tax-free money – The first 25% that you release from your pension will be tax-free.
  • Greater returns – A number of people who access their pension before retirement turn to the property market for more lucrative returns.
  • Clear debt – If you’re paying interest on debt repayments, use the money in your pension to clear it sooner rather than later.
  • Avoid cuts – Some of the country’s biggest pension schemes are facing cuts that could cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds during your retirement.

The obvious disadvantage of releasing your pension before retirement is that you’ll have less to live on once you stop working. However, you can call upon our expert advisors to provide advice and guidance according to your situation.

Pension before retirement - what should you do?

After putting years of work and effort into building your pension fund, you’ll need to think carefully before accessing any of it.

But if you do decide to proceed, Cash Pension’s seasoned consultants will explain everything you need to know to help you make the right choices.

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