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Would you like more immediate control over your finances? Want guaranteed quick access to £1000s of your own cash? Then use your pension as a loan with no fees or costs.

Legislative changes announced in March 2014 opened up new possibilities for pension holders, one of which included the ability to release thousands of pounds before reaching retirement.

But while this is a safe and secure process, you should only trust your money with a pension loans expert such as Cash Pension. Call 0207 1128635 or email to speak to one of our professional advisors today.

Pension loans – What does it mean?

Pension loans enable you to use your retirement savings for an immediate injection of cash, thus eliminating the need to take on expensive credit with a high interest rate.

As opposed to traditional loans, you’re not actually borrowing money or cash from your pension directly. Instead, you’re simply relocating your pension funds into a trust, which is controlled completely by you.

This enables you to withdraw cash payments from your pension with the greatest of ease. So, along with gaining more financial control in the short-term, you can also maintain a comfortable level of savings for your retirement years.

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Pension loans - What you need to know

Pension loans might seem like an easy way to access much-needed money quickly. However, if you want to use your retirement savings as a pension loan, you should be mindful of the following:

  • Taking a pension loan for the right reasons – Popular reasons why people choose to use their pension as a loan include job losses or redundancy, payment of debts and bills, mortgage arrears, to fund new business ventures, or for student tuition fees.
  • Understanding the tax implications – Your entire pension can be taken as a single lump sum, with the first 25 per cent drawn tax-free. The remaining amount is taxed at your highest rate of income tax.
  • Knowing whether you’re eligible – Although an application and assessment is required for pension loans, most people over 50 with a UK pension plan will be eligible. Those under 55 could face a large tax bill unless they’re facing financial hardship because of illness.
  • Avoiding scam artists – Fraudsters have capitalised on the government’s pension changes by posing as financial experts and ripping off innocent customers. If you do use your pension as a loan, you should only trust legitimate consultants like Cash Pension.

Pension loans - Choosing a provider you can trust

Cash Pension is proud to offer no obligation, free advice about pension loans. Our seasoned consultants will explain everything you need to know to help you make the right decision.

Numerous customers have already benefited from Cash Pension’s financial experience and in-depth expertise. So, get in touch with us today – call 0207 1128635 or email