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Pension Review

  • Pension review from our industry experts
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Want to find out whether you can access your pension early for more financial comfort and control? Our network of pension review experts can provide professional, confidential advice on making the most of your savings.

Ever since the UK introduced new pension rules back in 2015, it’s been possible to release a tax-free lump sum of your savings straight into your bank account. There’s no credit check requirements or upfront charges either.

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Pension review – How does it work?

Contact us for a pension review and we’ll get to work on evaluating your savings to ensure you’re investing money in a plan that is suitable for your current and future lifestyle.

This could open up a great deal of opportunities that you may not have had access to previously. For example, taking a slice of your pension early and still having enough to live comfortably upon retirement.

Even so, pension review schemes have been criticised after a wave of cold callers claiming to offer free services that turned out to be scams. That’s why you should only pursue a pension review from reputable companies such as Cash Pension.

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Pension review - How could you benefit?

After receiving a pension review, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to access your pension early for immediate financial gain. This could be used for:

  • Paying bills and clearing debts – Cash from your pension can provide much-needed funds to make your life more comfortable.
  • Covering the cost of everyday living – Give yourself a helping hand by unlocking your pension for everyday expenses.
  • Giving financial support to family and friends – Put your pension to good use by helping loved ones.
  • Settling your mortgage – Many people decide that they want to own their home outright before retiring, as this will reduce monthly outgoings significantly.
  • Helping parents receive the best care – Pension money could be used to help your parents live as independently as possible for longer.
  • Travelling the world – While you’ve still got time, use your pension to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Pension review - What you need to know

Even though a pension review could provide you with greater financial freedom and more cash in your bank account, it may also mean less money to enjoy in retirement.

Thankfully, you can put your complete faith in Cash Pension to provide tailor-made assistance on how to manage your savings after receiving a pension review.

Numerous customers have already benefited from Cash Pension’s financial experience and in-depth expertise. So, get in touch with us today – call 0207 1128635 or email