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Have you been contributing to a pension scheme for most of your working life? Would you like to access this before retiring? Cash Pension can provide you with an unlock pension review to open up the possibility of immediate financial freedom.

This could mean paying off or clearing your debts, purchasing a dream holiday or property abroad, helping friends and family members with more financial security, or investing in something more worthwhile than a pension.

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Unlock pension – What does it mean?

Pension unlocking, often referred to as pension release, is the process of unlocking or releasing cash from an individual’s pension pot before they reach the age of 55. This is possible thanks to new pension legislation introduced by the UK government in April 2015.

As a result, there has been a noticeable increase in companies offering unlock pension services. Unfortunately, this includes several scammers trying to take advantage of innocent customers and their hard earned money.

That’s why you should only trust legitimate financial consultants such as Cash Pension. Our team of financial consultants will offer impartial advice about your pension and how we can help you access a tax-free lump sum of cash.

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Unlock pension - Why should you consider it?

After decades of saving to give yourself a retirement nest egg, it’s only natural that some people choose to unlock their pensions early. The advantages of doing so are extensive:

  • Financial freedom – What’s the point of having your hard earned money tied up in a pension? Take control of it today for more financial freedom.
  • Pay off your mortgage – Many people decide that they want to own their home outright before retiring, as this will reduce monthly outgoings significantly.
  • Treat yourself – From dream holidays to luxury cars, unlocking a pension is an opportunity to treat yourself and still have plenty of money left for retirement.
  • Giving financial support to family and friends – Put your company pension to good use by helping loved ones.
  • Covering the cost of everyday living – Give yourself a helping hand by unlocking your pension for everyday expenses.

Unlock pension - Here’s how Cash Pension can help

There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to unlocking your pension, as the process is completely safe and totally secure. But as with any major financial decision, unlocking a pension requires a great deal of contemplation.

If you’re unsure about what to do, simply get in touch with us at Cash Pension. We’ll talk you through this fully regulated process to help you make the most informed choice possible.

Several customers have already chosen Cash Pension for our years of experience and financial acumen. So, get in touch with us today – call 0207 1128635 or email